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What short codes?

A special short code is a multi-digit number that can send and receive SMS messages to mobile phones. The short codes are two varieties: vanity and random. A vanity short code is a specific number that you choose when you hire your shortcode. A short random Code is assigned to you when you rent, and can not be changed or replaced. Often, random access codes assigned by a number of brands. Shared card number shared between clients and the use of keywords to identify the traffic referred to an intent user.

What is the difference between an access code and a time code?

Short codes allow your application to send SMS to 30 messages per second. Conversely, a long code, send a message second. Therefore, the short codes is ideal for applications that need to send SMS to a large number of users or need to send a lot of time sensitive messages. Moreover, depending on the type of application to build and the messages are sent, a short code are only one kind of number that you can support use case. Examples of programs that are the best in a short code: marketing communications, high-volume messaging, one-way messages to users and SMS marketing messages.

Where short codes come from?

No central registry that was created by the mobile phone companies in the United States to administer the codes. Call Fire lease a short code his name from the register.