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BLACK iz IT provides website development services, Being in this industry from last five years makes us more stronger in what we do. BLACK iz IT can be considered as a solution to all your issues related to the development and designing of a website. We specialize in offering high quality web development services for the customers from all over the world.

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We provide 100% innovative quality designing solutions and services.

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Our web & software solutions are almost 100% dynamic and Easy to customize.

Latest Technology

Provides full flexibility and usability to your potential customers.


World-class web design & developing solution that deliver the perfect results.

Any kind of Project Profile Designing & Printing, Both in Bangla & English

BLACK iz Publication is a multi-faced printing publication press company in Bangladesh with innovation and expertise in project profile and magazine printing. With a great and various experience. We strive for excellence in our pressing paper field and are ranked as the another largest publication in Bangladesh. BLACK iz Publication always offer you a quality product with excellent customer service.

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Marc Crow
Customized Software Solution

When surfing the Internet I came across a question: "What is custom software?" This issue has been published in a number of e-blog software developers and programmers. I was very surprised, because he felt that a programmer can differ between custom applications and packaged software. And I came to the conclusion that if the programmers have no idea about this difference if I'm dead sure that computer activity a dark forest user.

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Henry Kolms
Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce Website Development The world gets online and so is the way to make a deliberate difference to your online presence. To a plethora of get services at home, online business has made a calibrated for the most comfortable and easy life effort. Business is about the idea of ​​power within and will certainly face a lot of negative thoughts in the beginning. It can be adapted to the nature of acceptance that the way, take the situation.

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Scott Sanchez
Interior & Exterior Designing Service

iNEXTerior is an interior design and fit-out company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which was founded in 2009, is part of a vibrant team of dynamic interior designers. We specialize in modern art of modern interior and exterior design including furniture and the construction of offices interior, apartments interior, five-star luxury hotels interior, restaurant interior, café interior and other fine public and private facilities in Bangladesh.

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Michelle White
IT Service Management

IT Service Management is an approach to design, delivery, management, and improve the way information technology (IT) is used within an organization. The objective of IT Service Management is to ensure that the appropriate processes, people and technology This places the organization to achieve its business goals. The provision of a speed of operations, IT service management combines a high degree of automation with the convenience of the auto-mobile Service.

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Anna Larkins
Search Engine Marketing

The concept behind Search Engine Marketing is quite simple: when a consumer or business search clicking on the Web through either a text box or through a directory hierarchy, he or she is in the "hunt mode." This psychological state is unique because it tells the search engine (and suppliers) that the person seeking information, often in direct or indirect commercial nature. Marketer to understand that this "hunting mode"...

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