6 Quick Tips to Increase Website Security Website Design & Development সাধারন 

6 Quick Tips to Increase Website Security

With cybersecurity spending set to exceed $1 trillion in the next year or two, it is obvious that web security is a top concern for many businesses. But what can you do if you are just a small or middle-sized business that doesn’t have a huge IT budget? As a top web development company, we understand that predicament of balancing concerns versus cost which is why today we wanted to share 6 Quick Tips to Increase Website Security without breaking the bank. The Important of Security: The most important reason…

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Why and How to Secure your Website with the HTTPS Protocol Website Design & Development সাধারন 

Why and How to Secure your Website with the HTTPS Protocol

Google announced that they would be making a change to how their Chrome web browser would view sites not using the HTTPS protocol last year. At the time it might not have seemed very significant, however, if your business values search rankings and indexing then it is quite important. As a top web development company, we wanted to explain why and how to secure your website with the HTTPS protocol to ensure your business and its reputation is protected. What is HTTPS? HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol and it…

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How can I Boost my SEO Strategy for the Holiday Season Search Engine Optimization সাধারন 

How can I Boost my SEO Strategy for the Holiday Season?

How can I improve my SEO strategy for the holidays? That’s a common question people ask this time of year when we go to the Christmas countdown. While there are a number of perspectives, as a top website development company, we wanted to share our vision developed over the past decade and work with clients of all shapes and sizes across the country. To be fair, the playbook is shrinking a lot at this time of year. While there are plenty of effective SEO tactics available, such as building links,…

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Understanding the Difference Between Responsive and Adaptive Web Design Website Design & Development সাধারন 

Understanding the Difference Between Responsive and Adaptive Web Design

Is your company website adaptive? Or does it respond? Which of the two is the most effective design style for your business needs? This is a frequently asked question and as a top web design company we wanted to discuss the topic a bit. It’s important to understand the difference between responsive and adaptive web design to ensure that your site performs optimally and has the highest possible engagement and conversion rates to maximize online success. Both design styles are useful for connecting to users on screens of different sizes,…

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How to Write Effective Sales Lead Driven Content for Your Website

Website content is often in the background, while website design leads the show. You may not notice it yet, but you are already losing high converting sales leads. However, writing is only part of the process. If you find this too daunting, you can hire a top web design company to not only do the work for you, but also guide you through the entire process. If you’re curious about how experts write sales-led content, here are some tips to guide you. Sales Lead Generation as the main goal The…

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Did your Website Design Company produce results Website Design & Development সাধারন 

Did your Website Design Company produce results?

While it’s great that you just have a replacement and much nicer website, does it deliver as you expected? Sometimes entrepreneurs are so happy that their site has been revised and updated to provide a fresh, clean look, but has your website design company delivered results? At the end of the day, your site just looks better and isn’t all that important when your new site performs better. So how do you know if the location is performing better? Frankly, this has always been a difficult subject. Most people want…

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Custom software solution English Article IT Service & Solution 

Custom software solution

Custom software solution What is custom software? When surfing the Internet I found a question: “What is software?” This problem has been published in a series of e-blog software developers and programmers. I was very surprised, because I felt that a programmer can differ between custom applications and packaged software. And I came to the conclusion that if programmers have no idea about this difference if I’m completely sure computer activity a user dark forest. In short, it is a custom software developed for a user or group of users…

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Best Quality Web design and Web development course in Dhaka Bangladesh IT Service & Solution IT Training Center Website Design & Development 

Best Quality Web design and Web development course in Dhaka Bangladesh

Welcome to BLACK iz IT Institute. This is the best web design and development courses institute in Bangladesh. It is a sincere attempt forbore quality of training in the field of Web Development and Web Design team of BLACK iz IT Institute at Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a web developer, you are responsible to make the website of things. You are responsible for creating interactivity on the site, which can can include j-Query and Ajax forms of validation, filing forms with database rollovers, sliding menus and many other aspects of the…

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English Article IT Service & Solution Website Design & Development 

Black iz webs a Top eCommerce website designing firm in Bangladesh

Best eCommerce Website Design and Development Service in Bangladesh Actually e-commerce is Electronic commerce, commonly known as e commerce or eCommerce, is a type of industry where the buying and selling of products or services is conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. An increasingly important part of any business today is the need for an e-commerce website. Whether a large multi-national corporation or a local sole trader, the chances are your next client relies on the internet for directory enquiries, product reviews and competitive…

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Accounting Software (3) Soft Coders, Best Software, Software firm, Billing Features, Purchase Features, Discount & Schemes, Document Printing , Fully User-Configurable Invoicing, Taxation Reports / Registers, MIS Reports , Utilities, General Features , Comprehensive Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Point Of Sales (POS) Software, Accounting Software, School Management Software, Hospital Management Software, FlexiLoad Software , Attendance Software , Web Base Software, MLM Software Solution, Customize Software, Business Management Software, Office Management Software, Real State Management Software, Student Information Software, Mobile Recharge Software, Employee Management Software English Article সাধারন 

Point of sale software (POS) for Bangladeshi Business

BLACK iz IT Ltd brings you the state-of-the-art touch enabled POS solution specially designed for dining-in restaurants, fast-food/snack bars and Take-Away counters. Point of Sale Software (Pos) for Bangladesh  comes with a wide range of functions from Front-office sales/order booking to complete back-office integration and control which enables you to enhance efficiencies of your staff as well win the heart of your customers leaving competitors far behind. Point of Sale Software (Pos) for Bangladesh  delivers a solution tailor made to suite wide variety of vertical segments, sufficing all your business…

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