Sales Report management software Module rom bangladesh

Sales Report Management Module

SOFT <coders> Bangladesh provides Key Performance Indicators that measures sales report, analysis, tracking, marketing, product development and management through innovative sales reporting software.

This is achieved through a Business Intelligence application integrated with the sales, accounting, and CRM applications of the organization. The BI application is delivered through a combination of sales analysis dashboard, exception-based highlighting, and alerts which give real-time response to business critical situations and enable better sales performance management and sales reporting through innovative sales reporting & analysis software in Bangladesh.


Benefits of the SOFT <coders> Bangladeshs sales report module:


        User configurable environment
        Ability to analyse
        Summary Sales by Product
        Summary Sales by Customer
        YTD by Customer


Just some of the visual performance benefits:

        Reports refresh automatically & dynamically
        Faster ad-hoc analysis and report production
        Integration of multiple Data Sources

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