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Custom software solution

Custom software solution

What is custom software?

When surfing the Internet I found a question: “What is software?” This problem has been published in a series of e-blog software developers and programmers. I was very surprised, because I felt that a programmer can differ between custom applications and packaged software. And I came to the conclusion that if programmers have no idea about this difference if I’m completely sure computer activity a user dark forest.

In short, it is a custom software developed for a user or group of users within a company. It is adapted the needs of people in the place of a fully developed commercial software different users worldwide.

Useful software generally available software for individual users or groups that are not linked. For example, an application developed Western Union would adapt to it, despite the thousands of individual users worldwide. A request to consider several banks such as software, even if used by a user in all banks.

What is the significance of the difference between software applications and custom? We can cite two reasons: cost and potential risks.

It includes both software as the high cost and relatively high risks. When the company decided to have its own development the software must cover all costs associated with software development process is often pretty penny. Software engineers must be hopes that the price of the software is sufficient to cover all expenses and all eventualities. While if the software developer decides deny a problem, given often enough, these Software Development The company believes that this is just another customer problems and routine to lose. Sure, they also lose the reputation and good references. It is not clear, but many companies large software development simply ignore these problems and consider only their short-term losses.

As a packaged solution, the software development companies can afford to allocate costs between progress and prospects.

Finally, the price is determined by the size of the potential market, competition in the market and what the market can use. As a rule, a fraction of the cost of custom applications.

Therefore, in the light of all these facts, why would anyone buy the software? We have observed two reasons: First, the software packages can all customer requirements. And the other is the ambition – to customer to feel that their needs are unique and ready to show that your money.

Soft coders software provides powerful, unique in its kind designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Specialists know our experts the game of business and provide successful solutions simultaneously allowing all requirements always within the limits time and budget. Along with the development of custom software offers complete cycle of software maintenance and adaptation based platform.

Our services

Please, software engineers and IT teams to do more and more. You do not have the resources, and all this is a priority. How You will provide the solutions your business needs? – In Soft-coders, we focus on flexibility to give you the equipment you need, when needed. We do not sell off-the-shelf products “, giving you the best solutions for your business, not ours.


Among specialists soft encoder, not only officially certified experts and talented developers with years of experience and + technology industry. Prioritize the competition in speed, always deliver the product within budget and on schedule. developers science – more than 50% of them are older drivers and – the effective premium software architecture provides a solid foundation for further expansion and maintenance, user interface and no performance problems.


software integration can sometimes seem a very long process, but we recognize its importance and are fully prepared for the challenges. Seamless integration experts soft encoder with its ERP, CRM, ECM or other business.

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