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Pharmacy management Software in Bangladesh

Pharmacy management Software in Bangladesh

Software pharmacy is committed to providing independent retail and community, chain stores, hospitals, HMOs, specialty door long-term care closed and institutional pharmacies and pharmacists with a variety of valuable resources for pharmacists, health nursingand finance professionals, owners or operators looking for software to manage their pharmacy business. Pharmacy software has both qualitative and quantitative criteria that help you make the right decision for the purchase of software and make the answer:

What can the pharmacy software for your business?

The execution of the daily work is the most important business relative to its task. To keep pace in the highly competitive pharmaceutical market prescription drugs fill rate and provide customer registration service. Pharmacy most appropriate software system for a pharmaceutical company. Automates key activities, including inventory management, and compliance recipes effective disbursement. Software more successful Pharmaceuticals used strategically to serve existing customers, add new clients, patient retention and revenue generation programs and dissemination of key new technologies such as IVR implementation. Acquiring the right software solution lets you manage your pharmacy pharmacy industry and track your finance.

What I look for in a pharmacy software provider?

Large pharmacy chains have invested hundreds of millions of dollars of their own programs of strategic importance to your business.

Supplier pharmacy system increases (usually those with more thousands of customers) have invested tens of millions of dollars in development of robust pharmacy applications. Conversely, the smaller suppliers investments significantly lower. Pharmacists have a long term and reliable supplier who could keep looking for long term business. It is important that the response of the major supplier questions:

• How long has the provider been in business?
• Does the vendor serve the middle segment of pharmacies – retail, specialty pharmacy or hospital?
• Should I buy my pharmacy software wholesale partner?
• How big is the supplier (in terms of turnover or customers)?
• What is the supplier of comprehensive products?
• keeps the supplier of new technologies, such as electronic prescriptions?
• How does the software provider to help make my business more efficient?
• Does oriented providers patient safety and accurate information management and use of databases most comprehensive drug Interaction?
• Do I buy pharmacy software solution lower cost?

Squeezing profit daily tasks

A pharmacy software solutions efficient management is supposed to help you effectively manage your business. The process of simplify the work already being done, for example, inventory management, HIPAA compliance, managing interactions, labeling, claims processing and information, and is not a proess time.

Currently cuts in subsidies and lower margins in recipes, which are forcing suppliers pharmacies offer more than one pharmacy software solution for its customers. pharmacy software vendors need to increase revenue and reduce overall operational client pharmacy costs.

SoftCoders – Pharmacy Management Software

SoftCoders is a web based pharmacy PMR unique and innovative system that offers many advantages over traditional software systems Pharmacy, based on the client. Accredited by the HSCIC SoftCoders gives greater flexibility, speed and security while offering significant financial savings. If you are an independent pharmacist or part of a group of chemicals, contains everything needed SoftCoders features for efficient management of the pharmacy.

Why choose SoftCoders?

The centralized data model means SoftCoders never slow down with increasing patient data. We assure you that our e-scripts processing speeds faster than the current system, most of our scripts EPS2 downloaded in less than a second and a discharge of less than 2 seconds 94%.

Financial Savings

SoftCoders system cost PMR best on the market. No costs:

• License
• The addition of terminal dues
• Control
• Costs of data backup
Drug Interactions Module

Increased security

Your medical records are kept approved in the data center with high security NHS and not to individual pharmacies vulnerable systems local servers. You are automatically copied data in real time, which means that each record is never lost, even in the event of a failure in broadband service.

SoftCoders holds ISO 27001 accreditation to ensure safety for the protection of your data meets the highest standards.

faster and more flexible

SoftCoders worldwide PMR truly centralized system that allows the user to access patient records in real time, from anywhere with a secure Internet connection with a computer.

To open a real centralized system users can record multiple websites in real time.

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