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E shopping portal Or E commerce Website in Bangladesh ( SOFTcoders )

E shopping portal Or E commerce Website in Bangladesh ( SOFTcoders )

E shopping portal Or E commerce Website in Bangladesh ( SOFTcoders )

SOFTcoders Bangladesh’s software and E commerce solutions package offers you the ability to build a successful online store with no web design or development experience required! In Bangladesh Our shopping carts offer all of the features and functionality that you need to develop and market a successful online store. Features include web-based administration, real-time payments, shipping calculations and integration, and more!

Different shopping cart deal with these problems in different ways. There is no universal eCommerce software that would work in 100% cases, but SOFTcoders Bangladesh do have the best concept that helps us to provide our clients with an optimal solution for most of eCommerce projects

The shopping cart software packages are beneficial to small companies and large corporations alike. They come with a training manual to get you started. SOFTcoders Bangladesh pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the e-commerce software industry Bangladesh and welcome the opportunity to prove our dedication to you!
We offer shopping cart solutions to help your company stream-line online sales at very little cost. All for a fraction of the time and money that it would take to develop and launch a similar system internally. Use our resources section to learn helpful tips and techniques for your online business.

E shopping portal (eCommerce) development in Bangladesh

Front end – User Features  of E shopping portal Or E commerce Website

• Categorized Display of Products in Most widely used Row / Column Format
• Ability to search products by Keyword
• Ability to Display multiple alternative images for a single product
• New Product Display Section: Shows newly added product randomly
• Featured Product Display Section: Shows products marked by admin on a page
• Ability to Tell a Friend, Facebook Like, or Tweet Button
• Customer Login / Registration
• Ability to create Address Book by the customer
• My Account Section to view Order status and History

Back end Admin Features E shopping portal Or E commerce Website

• Easy to use Admin – Not much technical knowledge required
• Password Protected admin Interface
• Sales Report
• Ability to Add / modify / delete Categories, subcategories and related information
• Add/ modify / delete products and related information like Price, Image, Description, title, model number, stock, etc.
• Ware House
• Ability to place a single product in multiple categories
• Ability to Add / modify / delete Manufacturer name, and Logo, which can be displayed on the product page
• Purchase
• Ability to manage the content of static pages like about us, terms and condition, etc.
• Inventory Stock Management on Product Level
• Order management features, to view the order information and change in status
• Invoice generation and printing.
• Barcode
• Generation of Various reports like, Most Viewed Products, Top orders by product, top sale by customers, etc

Module included: Purchase, Barcode, WareHouse, Sales Report, Inventory.

Tools SOFTcoders Bangladesh Used:

Designing: HTML, Macro media Dreamweaver, Adobe Photo shop etc
Server Side Scripting: WordPress, Dot Net, php,my SQL.
Client software Scripting: Microsoft .NET,Microsoft SharePoint HTML, Java ,JavaScript,PHP – MySQL, Style Sheets.
Server System: Windows/Linux

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