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IT Service Management

Service Management is an approach to design, supply, management and improving the way information technology (IT) is used within an organization. The objective of IT Service Management is to ensure that the appropriate processes, people and technology This places the organization to achieve its business objectives.

The provision of a speed of operations, service management and combines a high degree of automation with the convenience of self-service mobile.

The combination of modern design of digital services with the principles and ITSM platforms to reinvent the way it should be, BLACK iz IT platforms will drive a new aera in the management service called Digital Services Management (DSM). In this new digital world, a powerful service management makes progress in human productivity and more flexible to help companies compete and win measures.



BLACK iz IT uses the ITIL best practices documented and in most cases, goes further than other areas, such as increasing the application process and additional value-added features. At present, methods, BLACK iz IT has evolved to take to optimize specific as possible and forms of assessment, planning and implementation of ITIL best practices.


A primary source of “BLACK iz IT” can be found in the service management functions and systems that have traditionally done on a large scale mainframe environments. Through continuous improvement throughout the year, these services and functions obtain a high degree of maturity. Problem and change management, configuration management, capacity planning, performance management, disaster recovery, availability management, etc., are some examples.

By examining the differences between the management and the central unit of ITSM, it is clear that when BLACK iz It fits in your IT environment today and for the benefit of the entire company and sophistication of their best practices and illustrated. Where usually centralized mainframe environments, “BLACK iz” both distributed and centralized environments. Moreover, the central services are usually independent, “BLACK iz IT” based on technology expected, based on integrated process with a focus on meeting business requirements services.

Although management technology itself is a necessary part of most “BLACK iz IT” solutions, not a primary focus. Instead “BLACK iz IT” focuses on the need to better align IT services with business needs.

cloud solution involving business users and IT services are automated reached with leading ITSM

Do you want to offer innovative solutions and services for business, not spend time to take care of the infrastructure. And users of business related services as convenient task as the applications they use in their personal life.

Our ITSM solutions the market will give visibility end to end ITIL processes and infrastructure through a system that records. This allows you to consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems while automating processes service management. Our simple and consistent approach increases efficiency, reduces costs, and helps you spend more time innovating and offering a self-service experience for the consumer and that their users expect.

-Create a single system for registration
-Consolidate redundant legacy device in a system service.
-Increase productivity
-Automate repetitive manual tasks to free up time for other tasks -that add value to the company.
-Help workers who help themselves
-Replace the experience difficult and slow portal users with simple, -efficient and self-service consumers and makes it possible.
-To increase efficiency
-Standardize processes through service, increasing the performance of the application.

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