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Warehouse Management Software module | Supply Chain Execution


As manufacturers and distributors come under rising pressure for faster fulfillment of product orders and outstanding customer service, they increasingly ask the question, “Would a supply chain execution system help us better manage and automate our warehouse and fulfillment operations?”

The SOFT</coder> Bangladesh warehouse management system goes beyond traditional ERP software to incorporate fully integrated warehouse management system capabilities—including supply chain management—software functionality that until now was typically found within purpose-built, stand-alone warehouse management system software. Designed for the specific needs of fulfillment service providers in addition to conventional warehouse management, SOFT</coder> Bangladesh software provides complete control, management, and visibility of all logistics and SCM operations.


Warehouse Software


SOFT</coder> Bangladesh warehouse management software system features a comprehensive warehouse management system that includes:

• Total warehouse management, inventory control, finite bin and package definitions, task and load management and inter-active, real-time management of activities and consumption.
• Mufti-Channel order processing with automated EDI, kitting and item configuration.
• Inbound and outbound serial tracking, pick planning, consolidated picking, order pack-out, cross-docking, carton packing, RFID, and manifesting interfaces.


warehouse Management Module in bangladesh

Warehouse Appointments:


        Scheduling warehouse appointments for inventory items.
        Automatic with suffix/prefix or manual appointment numbering.
        Receiving inventory against warehouse appointments.
        Reporting back to a client the appointments’ status.
        Support for screen customization.
        Automated invoices for handling and shipping.

When it comes to delivering an all-in-one warehouse management system, SOFT</coder> Bangladesh software offers a uniquely comprehensive warehousing, supply chain management and supply chain execution solution. With no black box in between, no middle ware to deal with, and no interfaces to maintain, SOFT</coder> Bangladesh warehouse management software provides the functionality needed to address all aspects of your order fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution needs.

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