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pictures can speak »

pictures can speak.

pictures can speak : see some pictures that can speak. It is a toatally photo album. This album organise by some fresh pictures.




Be Prepared To Hear No..,»

Be Prepared To Hear No..,.

Maximum of your friends will say you NO, so take preparation to hear NO. MLM markets are not a game it is a battle field. So Be Prepared To Hear No. before start working.






more photos»

more photos

See some new photos from the publication of BLACK iz.., We think that you will be like. more photos

MLM comapring with other carear»

MLM comapring with other carear.

Here we are trying to compare MLM carear with other carears. See and think where you are!!

Why have we joined in this (our) company? »

Why have we joined in this our) company?

When the question Why have we joined in this (your) company? then the answer is : I don't know from maximum. Before you have to set your goal Why have I joined in this company?



Guest List»

Guest List.

Maintain your guest, by a simle Guest List.





Members tree condition»

Members tree condition.

Maintain your mambers/downline and your tree result. Which side how many people have. And set your new mission!!




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