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Be Prepared To Hear No..,!


Be Prepared To Hear No..,,..

PBe Prepared To Hear No

MLM Training Tip - You're going to hear a lot of NO's when you start talking to people about your MLM opportunity. Sure tt hurts, at least at first. But you get over it, and if you really want to become successful in MLM you MUST get over it!

It hurts. But you get over it, and if you really want to become successful in MLM you MUST get over it!

When a waitress asks you if you want a cup of coffee and you say no, she doesn't run into the kitchen worrying that she is a terrible waitress. She doesn't think that the restaurant is going out of business because somebody said no. She realizes that at this very moment you don't want a cup of coffee!

It's nothing more sinister or devious that that.
When somebody says no to an MLM newbie you would think that it's the end of MLM forever. Some people don't like coffee, just as some people don't like MLM. No matter what you say or do they aren't going to drink coffee or join your MLM opportunity.

That does not mean that the entire MLM industry is going down the tubes!
Although very people actually teach it, we should love hearing the word no. Work with me here, no, is a good thing. If somebody says no to you, at least you’re talking to people about your MLM business. Do you have any idea how many people don’t ever talk to anybody about their MLM business? The number would floor you! The single biggest reason people fail in MLM is that they never, ever, ever get started.

People are so worried about hearing no, that they are afraid to talk to people. Without getting way too deep, low self esteem destroys more Multi Level Marketers than probably anything else. We’re so worried about what other people say think and do that we never do anything because we are paralyzed by fea.

Truth or Warm and Fuzzy
The truth is such an elusive concept in MLM. The proliferation of MLM Training Gurus that make a fortune telling people how to build a downline, that have never, ever, actually built a six figure income is staggering.

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! Although that's a famous line from the movie "A Few Good Men" it applies to so many people who start an MLM business. When it comes to MLM training most people will tell you what you want to hear instead of telling you what you need to hear.

The real truth about MLM, and MLM Training.

Success in MLM, network marketing or a home-based business isn't going to happen fast enough. Doesn't that concept apply to every aspect of our lives? Doctors don't go to a Junior College for a semester or two and become doctors. Lawyers don't become lawyers in 6 months either.

MLM training has become this endless mind game of telling people what they want to hear instead of the real truth about the industry. You can make a fortune telling people who want to live a better life all this warm and fuzzy stuff that they long to hear, but it won't help them achieve success.
Don't You Wish It Was Easy

So You're Struggling, You're Not Alone

MLM Training - Turn Off The TV

Your Why Is More Important Than How

Former MLM Loser Reveals MLM Training Success Secrets

The Four Beliefs You Must Develop To Succeed In MLM
Have you ever stopped to think about why most people fail in MLM business? Why is it that some people experience life changing success and others never get their MLM business off the ground?


Certainly the lack of quality MLM training can often be the cause for failure, but why is it that some people who get great training still fail?

Belief That's why people fail. They just don't believe that they can have success. Perhaps someday almost all people will come to the realization that MLM works, and that it can work for them. That someday will happen for you if you can truly understand and believe.


Belief #1 - You must believe in your MLM company

When you get started in MLM you probably believe in the MLM concept, it just makes sense, but a lot of people join an MLM company they will never believe in. You leave this exciting meeting and you've met people just like you who are changing their lives and it's easy to get excited. But, when that excitement wears off, do you really believe in the company you just joined?

If you don't believe in the company, you'll never talk to anybody about it, and when asked what happened to your new business you will say something like "I tried that and it didn't work".

Build belief in your MLM company by asking questions, going to meetings, talking with successful people and putting yourself in a supportive environment. Read all the literature and participate in the webinars and conference calls, immerse yourself in this new world. If you don't believe in your MLM company you have no shot at success!


Belief #2 - You must believe in your MLM company's products or services

You must be a product of the product. You've probably heard it before, but have you done it consistently? Do you know your products or services backwards and forwards because you've used them? Would you sell them to your mother or best friend?

We were able to save more than $100,000 with our service, the same service that we market for $39.95 a month. Don't you think our belief level is sky high? Nobody believes more than we do!

Sure, sales people can sell anybody anything, but most multi-level marketers aren't great sales people. People with integrity have to believe in what they're doing or they won't do it. Use the same products you're attempting to market or you won't ever achieve long term success.


Belief #3 - You must believe in MLM

This is where almost everyone struggles mightily. I'd like to believe in MLM, but all I've ever done is fail. Take it from a former MLM loser, anybody with desire and time can be successful in MLM.

Study the industry, talk to people who are living lives on their terms and you will begin to believe. Get as close as you possibly can to successful multi level marketers and ask them what has helped them become successful.

We've got friends who didn't believe in MLM until we took a 7 week vacation! Hearing about success is one thing, knowing somebody who has taken a 7 week vacation is a whole different ballgame.


Belief #4 - You must believe in yourself

Even if you totally believe in your MLM company and your company's products and believe in the MLM industry, none of that matters if you don't believe that you can become successful. Most of us carry a lot of baggage with us all of our lives.

The failures in our past do not have to predict our future, but all too often we let those failures trap us into thinking that we cannot escape. We believe that we cannot escape poverty, even though we can.

A very good friend of ours grew up in the projects on the south side of Chicago. His mother believed that she could find a better life for her children, so she moved her family, and in the process dramatically altered the lives of generations. Her children and grandchildren are different because of her sacrifice.

They are different because she believed!

We met her son and shared our belief that MLM could change his life and the lives of his children. Today our friend earns 6 figures in our MLM company, a fact that we are both thankful for.

When you develop all 4 of the beliefs in this article you will be given the opportunity to shape and change the lives of people you would have never met any other way. Prepare yourself by working on these beliefs so that when the opportunity arrives for you to play a role in life changing success in the lives of others, you are prepared.

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