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Welcome to the NEWS of Global Insurance.

Global Insurance coming soon @ MLM NEWS 24 with a lot of newses.

  1. For the beginer : Global Insurance - BUISSNESS PLAN
  2. Mission and Vission: The future target of Revnexx LLC
  3. Program's : Photo Album.
  4. Program's: Video Clips
  5. Write your : Blog about Egen International
  6. And many more: NEWS, EVENT, ARTICLE




Welcome to MLM NEWS 24, BLACK iz. This page is made for Global Insurance, the another populer and the biggest MLM Company of Bangladesh. We will try to contact with Global Insurance soon. And we will regulerly give their news.

We, the Global Insurance are very interested to share your Buissness Plan, Legal Papers, MIission and Vission, Event News, Video Clips, Programe Photos, and many more newses. So, we are trying to make a contact with Global Insurance. And that's why we need your suppor and help.

So, that we want the MLM NEWS 24's contact with Global Insuranceas soon as possible, will be complite, and then we will publish and advertise your company at our web-site www.black-iz.com / mlmnews24.com. Best wish for Global Insurance from MLM NEWS 24 and BLACK iz. (read contact papers here)


To get the best support of this site you have to use a Mozilla Firefox, and Bangla Font will be support when you have the Avro Bangla software. This page will be update after every two, three days. And the update date, upload date, news date all are highlited on the top of this skin.

Global Insurance, Global Insurance's news will published soon!


Don't froget to comment or post about the news, it will help us in future.

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