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About BLACK iz, da little friendshop,.

Today's BLACK iz

Our some present online project ; Now a days BLACK i''z have more then 50,000 well wishers, and 10,000 firends trough various fan page, website, channel, and profile. We have a huge friends network from the whole world through online, So the online project is very important to BLACK iz.


Our some present online project.

* MLM NEWS 24, the 1st MLM news site for Bangladesh
* .: ভিন্ন খবর another different project of BLACK i''z
* আমার BLACK iz,. আমার BLOG,. the most online crowd place..
* YouTube Channel ( more then 10,000 Visitors )
* Holy Ramadan *( رمضان )* স্বাগত জানাই মাহে রমজানকে
* Horror Facebook, dead people FACEBOOK,.


Who we are?


BLACK iz একটি dream, আর এ dream থেকেই BLAC iz জন্ম, যেখানে থাকবে শত প্রানের মিলন, থাকবে Friends ।
BLACK iz-এর শুধুমাত্র present নয় বরং future নিয়েও রয়েছে অনেক পরিকল্পনা। পুরবে BLACK iz , FACE2FACE নামে পরিচিত ছিল ।২০০৭-এ এর নাম BLACK i”z -এ রুপান্তর করা হয়।


The future plan of BLACK iz

If ALLAH wants in future ; Inshallah in future we open more new online project. Some project are coming soon. And also you can give us sujjetion or advice for our and your BLACK iz bright future. Some of our project coming soon!!


  1. Online Radio, BLACK VOICE,
  2. MLM NEWS 24 monthly or weekly magazine,
  3. MLM BLOG, 1st MLM BLOG of Bangladesh,
  4. PhotoZonic FINDER,. the challange may made you a model
  5. FACEBOOK pix hunter..,




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