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We have thousand and thousand well wishers, friends, subcribers, visitors, around the online world like in social network, channel and in others. It is our another great power. Now in this page we are discribing about our another channel / fan-page / group / profile. That will become more clear after visit them all. You also most welcome to the online world of BLACK iz

BLACK iz has many fan page, channle, profile, group, room, profile, photostream, and more, and from this kind of online project we can easily colletct various survay about us and other.


BLACL i’’z–এর বিভিন্ন সোসাল সাইট-এ রয়েছে বিভিন্ন official page, fan page, group, photo কিনবা video album, এর মধে উল্লেখ্য করার মত কিছু page / Chanel –এর address খুব সহজ করে আপনার জন্য প্রকাশ করা হল। যার মুল লক্ষ্য হল আপনার সাথে আমাদের communication আরও শক্ত করা।


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Our YouTube channel,

At the YouTube we have a huge network channel, we also have thousand of viwer. Our all video we upload at Our YouTube channel, by become our YouTube's subcriber you can get our all videos. So if you want to stay with us you can be a subcriber of our YouTube channel.

See our videos @ Youtube, please search us by Da_BLACK_iZ or THEBLACKIZ07 YouTube.,



Even we have also a big network at HI5, the KISUpata.

KISU-PATA the noble, you can connect with us a HI5 by KISU-PATA..



To get our regular update you can like our official page BLACK i''z is da heartz of us, @ facebook, we have the another huge friend's network at facbook. The "BLACK i''z is da heartz of us" is the another main part of this huge friend's network.

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MLM NEWS 24 is going to making the unity of unity,

MLM NEWS 24 is going to making the network of networker,

MLM NEWS 24 is going to making the national to international,.

What is the importance of unity in life?

Humans are intensely social beings and thus have a great need for affiliation with other humans. It is easiest to trust and feel safe among like minded people. So many people turn to siblings or other family members to achieve that need for affiliation. Most people are more like their siblings than they are like anyone else - you've got that shared history and that shared genetics. But people are not always close to their families, so friends and groups are a good substitute. The alternative to unity is a sense of isolation.

Most people want to feel that they belong, that they are not so different from others. A sense of unity, all belonging to the same church for example, or all belonging to the same fraternity or sorority, provides for that.

There are more than 20 cores people in the whole world who speak in Bangla, and the English is the international language which also known to us. BLACK i’'z believe that the information for everyone and that’s why they always try to publish their all news, information and massages in both the language.


So, choose MLM NEWS 24 as your firends...,

Stay with MLM NEWS 24...,

Stay update 24 hours..,

and most welcome to BLACK iz family. We wish you a very warm and bright day



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