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Our HOST and DOMAIN ( Product of BLACK iz )


একটি Website-ই পারে আপনার প্রতিস্টান, গ্রপ অথবা product কে লক্ষ কোটি মানুষের কাছে পরিচিত করে তুলতে। কারন বর্তমান পৃথিবীসবচেয়ে বড় social network বা communication system হচ্চে online, আর যার মাধ্যমে আপনিও পারেন আপনার প্রতিস্টান, গ্রপ অথবা product-লক্ষ, কোটি মানুষের কাছে পরিচিত করে তুলতে।


Domain and price.
Sl No. Item Price
01 Domain ( Standard / Normal ) 700BDT
02 Domain ( 2 Sub-Domains ) 1000BDT
03 Domain ( unlimited sub-domain ) 2,000BDT
Host and price.
Sl No. Item Price
01 Host (Starter - 200MB, 5+GB Bandwith, MySQL Database, PHP support ) 500BDT
02 Host (Starter - 500MB, 15+GB Bandwith, MySQL Database, PHP support ) 1,000BDT
03 Host (Starter - 1,200MB, 20+GB Bandwith, MySQL Database, PHP support ) 2,000BDT
Designing cost.
Sl No. Item Price
01 Web Designing ( Standard / Normal ) -Small / 10 Pages 700BDT
02 Web Designing ( High / Large ) ..........-Large / 20-25 Pages 1000BDT
03 Web Designing ( High Voltage ) .........-Largest / 50+ Pages 2,000BDT

Importance of a website for a Business :.

Life in the 21 st century is full of technological advancement and in this technological age it is very difficult for a business to survive without a website. Businesses without a website in today's date tend to lose large number of its potential customers. Each and every individual from a kid to an elderly person prefer the internet to look out for their desired products. The number of search engines is increasing day by day and if your business is not on these engines you tend to loose your customers to your competitors.

Every businessman has the same question on his mind; I have fared well without a website so far, why would I need one now? The answer is simple, for advertising. Advertising plays a very important role in luring customers to buy your products thus enhancing your business. As times have changed the media of advertising have modified, starting from print media to televisions and radios it has now reached to computers. The business has to change as per the latest trends to remain flourishing in the market. As it is said
“Something that is permanent in this world is ‘Change' ”

A website has now become the means of generating more business than any other medium of advertising. Internet today is being used 24 / 7 and is accessible from every house. People are highly dependant on the internet for small and inconspicuous things like a pin or a paper. Today everything you need is achieved at the click of a.... (to read more importance of a website you can search at google by "importance of a website" ).,


The other product of BLACK iz

Bio Energetic Breclet : Titanium Magnetic bracelets is a natural advance to relieving pain and restoring vitality levels. Titanium Magnetic bracelets is successfully employed by millions of folks about the globe and has shown to be safe .

The practice of magnetized therapy itself goes back to ancient times when states such as Egypt and China were utilizing the magnetic attributes of natural rocks for therapeutic uses. Titanium Magnetic bracelets therapy is elemental, it has no side effects

Titanium magnetic bracelets are made up of grade 2-3 titanium which is an extremely bio compatible metal. Many sports players wear them in order to improve their performance . The golf players use Titanium Magnetic bracelets a lot.

Biomagnetic Bracelets made of precious metal like Titanium / Stainless-Steel (surgical)/Gun-metal , Tungsten (Gold And Silver Plated) with 100% pure Germanium Far Infra Red ,Ngative Ions Metal Balls. All Products Lab-Tested & designed under the European standards.


  1. 10 Stones Bio Energetic Breclet,
  2. TITANIUM Breclet,
  3. 17 Stones Bio Energetic Breclet,
  4. Bio Magnatic Breclet.
Bio Energetic Price.
Sl No. Item Price
01 10 Elements BIO ENERGETIC Breclet 1,500BDT
02 Golden / Silver BIO ENERGETIC Breclet 2,000BDT
03 17 Stones BIO MAGNATIC Breclet 2,500BDT



Cloth and Fabrics : We also supply cloth and fabrics in very cheap price. There are many kind of T-shirt, Shirt, Zins Pant, etc in our collection.

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